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Third Trimester - sweatin' responsibly

Third Trimester: Sweatin' Responsibly

Tips on exercising during the final leg of your pregnancy from Kira Kohrherr, founder and CEO of FitBump.

Can you still workout in your third trimester? Of course you can! Unless you’re on bed rest or otherwise cautioned by your doctor, daily movement prior to baby’s arrival is a great way to pass the time and prep the body.


In my third trimester, I've found that on days when I can get a workout in, I feel better, I sleep better, and I eat better. Since labor and delivery can be a fairly athletic event, it’s important to keep moving and focus on muscle groups that you’ll be using pre- and post-baby. When working out, be mindful of the following considerations in your last few months, as your body is making significant changes to prepare for “D-Day.”


 • Swelling

   • Lower back pain

   • Round ligament pain

   • Increased flexibility due to Relaxin (the hormone that relaxes the

     ligaments in the pelvis and softens and widens the cervix in preparation       for birth) production

   • Hip mobility or lack of mobility

   • Overall tightness (e.g., rib cage, shoulders, etc.)


Below is a quick full-body workout that can be completed during your third trimester: no equipment needed! It’s designed to be low-impact and hit key muscle groups that you need to prep for labor and delivery, as well as postpartum recovery. Before this workout, recommend warming up with a 5-10 walk. Following the workout, cool down with some complimentary stretches.



FitBump T3™ Third Trimester Workout


Complete 15 Reps of Each in 2 Rounds


   - Pile Squat

   - Incline Push-Up (on a couch, bench, or chair)

   - Curtsey Squat (left and right)

   - Tricep Dips

   - Sumo Squat


Complete 1 Minute Each in 2 Rounds


   - Cat/Cow

   - Bird Dog (left and right)

   - Pigeon Pose (left and right)

Kira Kohrherr is the founder and CEO of FitBump. Focusing on workouts, tips, and product reviews: it is the go-to resource for an active, fit pregnancy. Due with her first child in August 2016, Kira is an AFAA certified and ACE prenatal certified personal trainer and an avid runner (21X Half-Marathoner & 4X Marathon). She is also the creator of FitBump T3™: Targeted Trimester Training for moms searching to maintain a higher level of fitness through pregnancy and to actively prepare for labor.