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The Sydney Has Officially Launched

Introducing Our Newest Bra: The Sydney

We're celebrating the very first one-for-all pumping bra.

Whelp, you heard it here first (or, more likely, second – thanks social media team!) – The Dairy Fairy just launched its newest, more innovative bra yet. The very first one-for-all pumping bra. Meet, the Sydney.

A breakthrough bra in our newest “All-Pumps” line (oof, you’re going to love this new category) the Sydney is specifically designed to accommodate it all: it supports every pump available on the market today. While mamas have been getting creative with their pumping bras for a few years—and getting majorly stretch-out cups in the process—our “Jill of All Trades” bra will expand and shrink to expertly fit any pump: electric at home, wearable on the go, manual at work, Sydney… anywhere.

So, what’s our founder, Emily Ironi, got to say about it? “While we welcome all of the improvements in pump technology, we recognize that the lingerie moms wear while pumping also needs to evolve and progress. The Sydney bra takes a giant leap to embrace the multi-faceted tools that moms utilize while pumping.”

With a patent-pending extender feature, the Sydney creates extra space to fit the larger in-bra pumps and adjusts to your cup size. At the same time, the bra includes hidden flange openings that allow a mom to slip her flanges in and be totally hands-free while she uses conventional pumps or even a hand pump. Other features include easy release nursing clips, strong-and-wireless breast support, and stretchable (and breathable) fabric that moves and changes with your body. 

The Dairy Fairy revolutionized the pumping/nursing industry with its original designs, then improved mom’s experience again with the plus-sized line, and now, the company has innovated even further with the All-Pumps line. “The breast pump was invented in 1854, improved with electricity in 1991; however, it’s really been over the last 5 years that we have seen considerable improvement in mobility, sound and ease of use.” Emily notes. “It’s time that bras catch up to technology and offer moms the support they need to be able to use any kind of pump on the market.” The Sydney bra combines the innovation and thoughtful designs The Dairy Fairy is known for, to create a new bra ahead of its time. 

Want to see for yourself? Check out




available in black and champagne in our core sizes.