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Milkful, making waves with Motherly

10th Mar 2021

Milkful, making waves with Motherly

"Just because someone lives in a bigger body doesn't mean they shouldn't have the same resources and tools," she tells me when I ask her what that something important is. Her goal is to support all moms.

Our Milkful collection review is just another feather in the cap of our growing accomplishments.  It's hard to harness our excitement as sharing this new offering and expanding the tools that The Dairy Fairy offers, to women of all sizes. 

After years of hearing from curvy moms that they were frustrated to learn that their sizing was not offered, Emily Ironi, founder of The Dairy Fairy took matters into her own hands, taking her two best selling styles and re-engineering them to fit and function for larger bodies.

"This is the time moms need the support. I'm finding we're more of a must-have [in the pandemic] not just a want." And plus-size mothers, thankfully, aren't left out."

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