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A bra to save you from PUMPING hell

10th Mar 2021

A bra to save you from PUMPING hell

Wearing a hideous beige bra of the compression stockings Sophia wore on the Golden Girls?

Changing in and out of pumping and nursing bras all day long?

This is a think of the past.

See why NYMag's the Strategist highlights our Ayla bra as a breath of fresh (and sexy) air that uplifts a mama and her precious goods.

"These bras do something not a lot of pumping or nursing bras can: They actually look sexy. For me, this was less about trying to look a certain way for my partner and more about how having a baby can make you feel desexualized by society, like a holy mother vessel, and then discarded like a weepy bag of hormones and milk if you don’t snap back the next day. Becoming a mom is already enough of an identity shock; you don’t also need to feel like a granny in the process. This bra’s black lace let me say to myself that, even though my boobs were now a thing that made food for my baby, they were still mine."

Read the full article here, and see our Ayla style, and all of the color options only at