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Sydney ALL-Pumps Bra


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Besties for your boobies:

ALL PUMPS - all the time, wear comfortably and with flair.

Nurse, pump with your double electric pump, silicone hand pump, milk catcher, in bra pump (like the Willow) and anything else - oh my!

The first AND only bra designed specifically to adjust to any type of pumping.  Moms need choices and this one is the best option yet!

  • Double extender clips; patent-pending extenders hold your wearable pump perfectly in place and tightens back up for regular wear.
  • An adjustable micro-mesh panel, for the ever-changing coverage you need: simply accordion it up or down to achieve your cup height.
  • Hidden flange openings.
  • 4 inches of hook-and-eye closure for unparalleled comfort and fit pre and postpartum.
  • Wireless and stretchy to accommodate your fluctuating supply level - drained or engorged.
  • Feminine lace detailing - pretty and powerful.


* Nurse * Pump with flanges * Pump with in-bra pump *

Hidden flange openings to hold all pump brands

Extender tab to allow extra room for your in-bra pump

4" of hook & eye and adjustable shoulder straps

Inner mesh panel to provide additional coverage