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Self Care: Homemade Postpartum Bath Soak

Self Care: Homemade Postpartum Bath Soak

Let's squeeze in a little bit of love for your miraculous body today, gorgeous.

Hey there Mama, (or mama’s best friend... or her partner in crime... welcome to *all*!)


Having a baby is one of the most incredible, magical, life-changing experiences someone can have. But, as any of us veterans of motherhood will attest: it can be tough, tiring, and stressful.


We often forget about ourselves. We at The Dairy Fairy like to call it a “lack of vitamin ME.”

It’s super important to carve out some time for *you,* every single day!


To assist you with this pertinent self-care, our fairies have created a bath soak recipe that will work wonders and leave you feeling calm and mellow.


You can get any of these ingredients off Amazon, from your local supermarket, or down at a nearby health store.

Ingredients for a soak full of “Vitamin-Me”


- 1 jar (mason or otherwise)


- 3 cups epsom salts

- 15-20 drops lavender essential oil

- 5 drops peppermint essential oil

- 1 tsp lavender flowers

- 1 tsp calendula herbs

- 1 tsp chamomile tea leaves (you can use this from a tea bag)

How to create the "Vitamin-Me" soak:


- Mix your ingreidents in the jar.


- Give your jar a shake while you do a little dance and infuse it with some love.


- Label with a special message to yourself - like “you are amazing!”


- Lastly, give a generous sprinkle into a tub of water at bath-time.


- Enjoy, then slip into our lacy Coco Sleep Bra (get it before it's gone!) and give yourself freedom to nap!

Have you tried your own soak concoction? What works for you? We'd love to hear all about your self-care routines!


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