Pumping Unrivaled

Introducing: Pumping Unrivaled


Breastfeeding looks different for every family. Sometimes, it means baby is fed exclusively 
at the breast.


Sometimes, it means baby is fed milk expressed exclusively by a pump, sometimes suplemented with donated milk or formula and every other imaginable scenario in between. 

It’s all breastfeeding, and we want to support parents in finding what works for them!

Your success is our success and we aim to support YOU in whatever your unique journey looks like.

Crafted by Jessica, an IBCLC from Genuine Lactation, this guide will introduce you to products, tools, and tips to help give you the breastfeeding experience you deserve.


What you'll find inside this guide . . .

‍‍⭐️   Pumping Plans

⭐️   How To Support The Breastfeeding Partner

‍⭐️   Pump Cleaning Tips

‍⭐️   Tips for Plugged Ducts and Mastitis

‍⭐️   How To Pick The Best Sized Flanges

‍⭐️   Breast Pump Bag Recommendations

‍⭐️   Breastmilk Storage Advice