How to Size


No fairy godmother around to help measure you? Don’t you fret.


With our foolproof and flexible sizing, you won’t need her or her magic wand to find the perfect fit for your beautiful new intimates.


Use your standard bra size or for a more precise recommendation, use your measurements and our handy sizing calculator.

We have a few sizing ranges that cover

bras, bralettes and our Milkful plus size range


This option works best when you are already established at nursing and have stabilized into your consistent size.  Or, if you are in the first or second trimester.  


Simply use the top and left axis to locate your standard size and voila! You can use the indicators on the bottom to gather your size in our ingenious intimates.





• Bra sizing is not standardized and can vary across brands.  We recommend confirming your selection by using our size calculator.


• Your well well-worn, often-stretched, mis-sized bra might be the bearer of bad news. Take into consideration your actual size, vs what your bra says.

• If you’re between sizes, we recommend going with the one that matches your band size, as that’s the most essential for fit and function!


• Good rule of thumb; most women typically grow one size in the band and two sizes in the cup, postpartum.  Of course our breasts are as individual as we are and each mama (and pregnancy) are different.  If you are still expecting, please reach out for a second opinion.

Reminder: a woman who was 34C pre-pregnancy, might be a 36D, a 38C or even a 34DD when her milk comes in and her body adjusts. The Dairy Fairy bras have plenty of adjustability and feature 4 inches of hook and eye closure in the back (6 settings) to accommodate as you grow and shrink. 



More structured styles that include the Ayla, Noa, Pippa, Jolie and Leila. 



Soft and flexible fit styles that include styles the Rose, Ruby, Arden, Emma and Coco.


The Pippa bra or the Ruby bralette in a range of 5 flexible sizes.


This method is more accurate as it takes your actual proportions into account.

While we aim for presicion, please note that there are many factors such as measuring technique, breast density and placement which can "trick" your sizing.  If in doubt, reach out to the fairy.


• Use a soft tape measure and take your band and bust measurements while wearing a non-padded bra.
• Jot down your band measurement and add 3", for example, 33" + 3" = 36 band size.  Round down for odd numbers.

• Note your bust measurement and subtract your band measurement, for example 40" - 33" = 7.

The difference corrolates to your cup size; 1 = A, 2 = B, 3 = C, and so forth.

• If you don't see your size listed, don't despair, we often find that moms are on the cusp and can find a great fit, even if they don't fall smack in the size chart.  When in doubt, contact us!



1.  Take your band measurement and add 3. 

Example, you measure 33" + 3 = 36 is your band size


2. Take your bust measurement and caculate the difference between your bust and band.

Example, you measure 38"for bust, so 38 - 33 = 5


3. Convert the difference to equal your cup size

Example, difference of 1 =A, 2 = B, 3 = C, 4 = D, etc.


In this example, the bra size would equal 36DD 

Not a math wiz? 


Just click HERE and enter your measurements into our online size calculator.

If you are ever in doubt, just ask for help; that’s what she’s here for!