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Our Pumping Bras Now Come in New Colors

Our Pumping Bras Now Come in New Colors

The Dairy Fairy has some super exciting news for pregnant women, the new mom, and mothers far into their breastfeeding journey. Some of our favorite staple styles are now being offered in new, sleek colors. You are sure to fall in love with these new bright colors that look lovely on any skin tone. Our bras are not only the swiss army knife of all nursing and pumping bras, but the colors and lace will make you feel feminine and beautiful all over again after having a baby.


No matter your size, we have the perfect fit for you. The Dairy Fairy bras aren't just any regular bra, they will quickly become your favorite pumping bras. Our patent-pending design will change how you see nursing and pumping going forward. Each bra was created with you, the breastfeeding mother, in mind. We consulted with a lactation consultant when creating our design and took everyday breastfeeding challenging to mind as we rolled out all of the features for this breastfeeding bra.

The Ruby


What's so special about the Ruby? We absolutely love the beauty of this lacy yet comfortable bra. This bra is another of our no-wire options and is excellent for day-to-day wear. It's durable and light as a feather. You'll feel fully supported without feeling smashed into a bra. The stretchy material helps take your shifting breast weight off your shoulders (literally and figuratively).


What's Included in the Ruby?


Double-handsfree-pumping abilities through the bra’s flanges and nursing clips (easy access, baby).

Compatible with all major breast pump makes and models on the market.

Super-stretch material to accommodate your boobs from late-night engorgement to post-feeding shrinkage.

Three inches of adjustable back straps, complete with soft-and-padded hook-and-eye closure.

One inch of a fabric-covered elastic band made with comfort in mind.

Inclusive sizing accommodates the changes your body goes through from maternity through postpartum (S-2XL our busty version called Petite Plus).


Here is one of our five-star reviews: "I wouldn't recommend any other bras for nursing/pumping mamas. These bras helped me feel sexy again postpartum, and they are the most discreet and functional pumping bras I have ever found." - Kayla D.

The Ruby has been traditionally sold in black and cream, but it is now being offered in additional limited edition colors, like Teal, Mint, and Mauve. These three beautiful new colors round out our other special colors, like Zinnia, Lotus and Blossom and will make your nursing bra look and feel beautiful under any clothing.


The Milkful Ruby also has new colors


The milkful collection was created for women who need a larger band size, not necessarily a larger cup size. While our size chart will guide you to the correct size, please don't hesitate to reach out and we would be more than happy to help you with sizing. We're sure we have your bra size in our collection.


The Milkful Ruby features the same amazing things mentioned above and will also be coming in new colors. We have added teal and amaryllis to the color styles in this collection. The teal is laced with black and the amaryllis is laced with a tasteful coral print. In case you don't know what amaryllis is, it's a lovely cream color. We know you will absolutely love both new color styles on one of our best pumping bras.


All of these bras feature well-hidden pump slits for breast pump flanges, so you can be confident that no one will notice your bra underneath your shirt. Our bras are both functional and feminine, making you feel amazing. The adjustable straps allow plenty of room for engorgement, wearable in-bra pumps, and changes in breast size. There are six rows of hooks for maximum adjustment in addition to the stretchy fabric.


Our bras are compatible with most major pump brands and manual breast pumps to make your entire breastfeeding experience extremely pleasant. The Dairy Fairy bras offer easy nursing access and a wide range of sizes to accommodate all breastfeeding bodies.

Take it from the customers: "Finally, a 'plus sized' pumping/nursing bra that is actually made for 'plus sized' women. I love this bra! It's feminine and durable at the same time. One of my top favorite brands! I will definitely be buying more!" - Kelsey B.



The Takeaway

Make your pumping session more enjoyable using The Dairy Fairy bras. We are here to support your changing body whether you use the bras as a maternity bra, pumping bra, nursing bra, or post-partum bra. You'll feel like you are wearing a sports bra in terms of comfort but look like you are wearing feminine undergarments. They are a game changer for comfortable nursing, easy breastfeeding access, a comfortable pumping experience, and a successful breastfeeding journey.