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Let’s face it, nursing bras typically aren’t designed to make you feel confident and beautiful. Most of the time, someone who doesn’t understand your needs decides what you should be wearing during this deeply personal and pressure-filled time in your life, forcing you to choose between form and function. And because comfort is your priority, you give in to purchasing lifeless, uninspired nursing bras.

And if it just so happens you’re one of the many women society considers to be above average sizing, you get the shorter end of the stick. Not only do you have to choose between aesthetics and comfort, but you also have to pay a premium. Forget about finding a bra you want to wear––you can’t even have the necessities at an affordable price.  

When I launched The Dairy Fairy in 2012, my goal was to create a line of nursing and pumping bras that would make women feel comfortable and confident. Over the years, I heard from many women of different shapes and sizes. Through those conversations, I began to feel like I was missing something important.

My mission was to help all women, but I was falling short of my promise. “Why doesn’t this come in my size?”, I’d hear time and again until eventually, I added more sizes to the line. It was a temporary solution to a long-term problem. If I was going to make a real impact for women, I had to do more than tack on sizes to The Dairy Fairy line. I had to focus my energy to support an underrepresented group of women. I had to create an entirely new way to support their specific needs during such an important time in their lives. 

Milkful was born of pure passion for female empowerment. I’m beaming with excitement to offer you nursing and pumping bras customized for your body type and your specific needs. I hope you enjoy wearing these bras as much as I enjoy creating them.



Our Bras

With Milkful, you don’t have to choose between form and function. You get the best of both worlds. You won’t feel out-priced or underrepresented because Milkful bras were made just for you. Each bra is designed for supreme comfort, convenience, and a whole lot of confidence.



Our Goal

Seriously, mommy-ing isn’t a walk in the park. Even a hike up Mount Kilimanjaro may seem easier on some days. Our quest here at Milkful is to make the journey of mama-hood just a tad easier, more enjoyable and always more feminine.

Something as simple as a convenience to hold a book, type a text or brush your hair can make a meaningful difference to a mama that is otherwise juggling 6 simultaneous balls at once!