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Mama Reviews

I'm really happy with this bra! I actually ordered more than one because I like it so much. The clips in the back are twice as adjustable as a standard bra having 6 settings instead of only 3 so you won't have to buy a bra extender as your size changing from being pregnant or your breast growing from nursing. Also, what's really nice is how easy it is to nurse wearing this bra. It's very easy to pull my breast out of the top and it's PERFECT for holding the pump! It's stylish and provides support! All in all I couldn't be any more happier with this bra!

– Kim,  Arden - size XL

Normally an A cup, while nursing I'm a C. Followed the size chart and my two Arden bras for very well. These were, by far, my favorite and most comfortable nursing bras. They held up well to a year of near-constant use. I used them with johnson&johsnson nursing pads and there was always plenty of support for my size. At work this bra held up well for pumping and fit perfectly with my 24mm flanges on my medela pump.

– Jenny,  Arden - size M

This bra is amazing. Another total win for the Dairy Fairy. I struggle with finding nursing bras that make me feel pretty and this is fantastic. Finally, a nursing/pumping bra that not only fits, but is pretty and UNDERWIRE! My giant pregnancy breasts thank you!

– Cori,  Ayla - size 4

If I had a friend breastfeeding or pumping, I would definitely recommend this bra. its incredibly comfortable and very pretty. It appears delicate but is very sturdy.

– Michelle,  Ayla - size 3

I LOVE that the Ayla is a traditional clip down nursing bra and a pump bra. And I also love the lace and gold details.

– Amanda,  Ayla - size 3

I love this tank! It is so comfortable, the girls look great in it, and best of all baby can get to them easily or I can quickly hands-free pump. I love that it covers my stomach while I'm pumping, unlike the pumping bras I have. And Dairy fairy's customer service was excellent!!

– Sarah, Sadie - size M

This bra is has been a lifesaver for me. I was very intimidated about the thought of having to go back to work and pump, but this bra made the transition much easier. I feel less exposed because I can easily just slip the pumping flanges into the bra. It's also pretty and cozy and I don't feel like I'm wearing some sort of contraption specifically for pumping, I just feel like I'm wearing a bra. I wore this to a wedding as well, which made a quick pumping session super easy. I am so glad I found out abut Dairy Fairy bras before I went back to work. I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs to pump and is on the go!

– Kelly, Rose - size L

I ordered this bra for one purpose...pump while at work and on the road. It's so comfortable and allows for my leak pads to fit in easily. The price point is perfect. I will definitely invest in a few of these. The bra provides a medium support though I love a solid support and lift bra, it does the job for now :) well designed with excellent material!

– Nancy, Rose -  size M

I wish I could give this bra 90 stars! It's been a real game changer. As an oversupplier, I spend a lot of time pumping. I tried medela bras which were awful and never fit right. I tried a few other brands that were like little straight jackets for my massive engorged boobs. They all hurt like hell and I wanted to quit pimping altogether. Then came this comfy, effectively hands free, adorable bra. Now I'm here texting and being super hands free and I am so fancy free! The fabric is perfect. It doesn't get weird or smelly when you leak. Super soft, supportive! They clean well and they're adorably vintage.

– Elaine, Rose - size 2XL

I am new to the mommy club and I had to go back to work at 6 weeks post baby! I am exclusively pumping now and it has been so much easier since I got this bra!!! I loved it so much I ordered a second one as soon as i started using it!

- Kristen, Rose - size XL

Wow, it’s everything I hoped it would be! It is SOOOOOOO comfortable, and I love love the adjustable loops on the crossover part in the front, why has nobody thought of this before? Brilliant! I totally feel like I am wearing a jogging bra! BRAVO! I will have to order another! Moms, if you have not ordered one yet, do it now, you won’t be disappointed!

– Kristin F, Arden - size S

I received my bras yesterday. They have CHANGED my life!!!!!!! Our twins were born on 4/15 and we came home from the hospital on 4/20. I’m exclusively breastfeeding and pumping to boost supply. Your bras arrived yesterday and I immediately put one on to try, then left it on because it was so comfortable. No arm boob, either! The handsfree pumping feature is AMAZING. Little to no milk spillage while pumping. Tandem nursing preemie twins is very difficult. Your bras have revolutionized my wardrobe. I feel pretty, but they are more comfortable than my most comfortable sleep bras. I shared your information with my lactation consultant. She was very impressed. I’m ordering at least 5 more. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!! Feel free to share my comments, I’m so happy you exist!

– Jennifer W, Arden - size M

I got my bras on April 18th. I wasn’t due with our rainbow baby until May 18th but she made her appearance on April 16th. She was 35w3d when born and had some trouble breathing so she got life flighted to a larger hospital with a NICU. I was having a tough time pumping (first time ever), setting the timer to pump and look at pics of our baby girl (to help bring in my supply). I was so happy when we got home from visiting her on the 17th to see the bras in the mail. They really are a lifesaver. Thanks for a wonderful product.

– Kacee B, Arden - size L

So…I got my Arden bras today! O my goodness I love them so much I did a happy dance around the house for my husband and 4 month old!!! Thank you for your brilliant product! Every breast feeding mama should have at least one! Again thanks! And for the extras too!

– Rebecca M, Arden - size S

I received the bras today, I have only worn one bra for half a day, and I am soooooo in love!!! Thank you so much for such a great bra!

– Guadalupe J, Arden - size XL

I just got both my bras yesterday and immediately tried it out …. WOW! Amazing! I’m totally buying more – and buying some for some pregnant friends – they will NEED this! Thank you so much!

– Melissa G, Arden - size S

Just got my bra!!! OMG it’s even better than I was expecting! So pretty, so comfy, so genius :) Thank you, thank you for this amazing product!

– Kresta H, Arden - size M

I just had to share :) also referred a friend and she just ordered !!! Thank you for freeing up my hands!!! I feel free again!!!

– Melissa H, Arden - size M

I got the mediums yesterday and they fit amazing. :). I have always had trouble finding bras that fit, even before I got pregnant. Now that I have my two Arden bras, I’m sure I will continue to use them even after we are finished breastfeeding. Not only do they fit, I love the option to custom fit them in the front and/or back. I am so happy with not only the bras but your great customer service. I can’t thank you enough for creating these. :)

– Marianne A, Arden - size M

The Arden nursing bra is the perfect addition to any nursing mother’s wardrobe! The beautiful design is not only feminine, but is also stimulating for a nursing baby. For a busy mom, the convenience of an all in one pumping and nursing bra is a must, and The Dairy Fairy took it one step further proving a custom fit that adjusts to your “fullness” so that you are always in a comfortable properly fitting bra! Thank you Emily and The Dairy Fairy for finally designing the bra of every nursing mother’s dreams!

– Karrina C, Arden - size L

Can’t even tell you how excited I was to get the box today! I opened it immediately and tried on the bra. It’s seriously amazing. You have filled a serious gap in the nursing bra category. Kudos!! I’m only going to be breastfeeding for another couple of months, but I’ve only just had my first child, so there will be lots more breastfeeding/pumping in my future! Thank you for coming up with this amazing product.

– Kristen G, Arden - size S

It just arrived!! I had to rip it out of the box and put it right now. It’s the most comfortable bra I think I’ve ever worn, pregnancy or not! I’ve been holding off getting another bra until the baby is born (due any day) because I wasn’t sure what size I’d need after he arrives. My old bra’s have been making marks and half bruising me. The Arden Bra is a breath of fresh air. Great coverage, love the adjust-ability! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

– Jessica C, Arden - size XL

Mine arrived today!!! I LOVE it and it’s so freakin comfy!!! BTW ladies I am a 38DD-40F (depending on brand and fullness) The large fits perfectly and I have space to loose weight without worrying about my bras not fitting! Thank you Dairy Fairy!!!

– Keely J, Arden - size L

Dairy Fairy graced her presence into my mailbox on friday.. life changing!!! I’m going to write a longer, more detailed review for you to use but I couldn’t wait to tell you how amazing my first two days working, nursing and pumping were with my new bra!! So excited that I happened to see that fan share on the breast is best facebook page!! It is honestly everything I had hoped it would be and more!!! Thank You for all your hard work and I hope it is all worth it for you!! I will write the longer more detailed review this week sometime, would you like me to send it to you on here?

– Kelly K, Arden - size M

I love this bra. Worth every penny. Wish I didn’t buy my two other nursing bras which totaled more than this one and don’t even offer half the functionality. As a new mom, this bra saved me, I can nurse and pump or pump hands free, allows for extreme multitasking. Plus, with this bra you only have to make the investment once!

– L. Yevdosin, Arden - size L

Hello- I love my Arden bra! I only get 15 minutes to pump at work so it has really helped me maximize my available pumping time. I recommend it to all my friends. Can I please request an all black bra, with black straps? That would be awesome. Thank you again for creating such a great bra!

– M. Lopez, Arden - size S