How to Size

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No fairy godmother around to help measure you? Never fear. With our foolproof and flexible sizing, you won’t need her or her magic wand to find the perfect fit for your beautiful new intimates.  No matter if this is your 1st or 4th babe, each time is unique and your body may respond differently.

Although there is a lot of variation, most women increase by one to two cup sizes during pregnancy, and at least one size in the band.  So if you were a 34B pre-pregnancy, there’s a good chance you’ll be a 36D in nursing bra size when you begin nursing.  You may also see a slight increase in the cup when your milk comes in and this may ultimately go down when your milk levels adjust over time. 

Our bras feature 4" of hook and eye closure in the back (6 settings) to accommodate for pre and postpartum changes.

Please note, bra sizing is not standardized and you may be a different size with each brand.

Additionally, bras stretch over time so using older bras to determine your current size may not provide adequate information.

To ensure the right fit, we highly recommend following our measuring guide and selecting the size based on the chart.

We have two sizing ranges that cover soft bras and structured bras.

STRUCTURED BRA SIZING; for the Ayla, Noa, Pippa and Leila styles. 




SOFT BRA SIZING; For the Rose, Arden, Emma, Coco and Mia styles


Not a math wiz - just click HERE and enter your measurements into our online size calculator!

If you are ever in doubt, just ask for help; that’s what she’s here for!


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