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There’s a bun in the oven and you’re getting excited! Let’s prep for your little one, shall we?


Baby’s in the world and you’re busier than ever. You deserve something lacy & luxe.


You’re into the groove and lovin’ the routine. Time to bring a little ease to your feeds.


You deserve the right bra for you.

Let’s be real: bra shopping has been a *task* for the better part of womanhood. From training bras to nursing bras – your girls have been through a lot.
Pregnancy and mothers are tough enough without the onslaught of will-they-work/won’t-they-work maternity bras on the market. You want (nay… require) something that fits your style, your budget, your needs, and... well, your boobs.
We get it. #momlife


To make things easier, check out our comparison chart. Finding the perfect bra can be a cinch.


"When I first took them out of their packaging, I could immediately feel the difference in the quality of the fabric from any other nursing bra I've tried. The width of the straps and the thickness of the mesh gave me a sense that these would be bras that would actually support my breasts (and the tugs from little hands!) without the hooks and clasps ending up bent and broken over time. One of my own pain points on a bra has always been the strap at my shoulder. After a week of wearing both the Ruby and the Pippa, I've been satisfied that no indentation on my skin has occurred after wearing these bras all day long."


- Christie Drozdowski, of Motherly

"For me, this was less about trying to look a certain way for my partner and more about how having a baby can make you feel desexualized by society, like a holy mother vessel, and then discarded like a weepy bag of hormones and milk if you don’t snap back the next day. Becoming a mom is already enough of an identity shock; you don’t also need to feel like a granny in the process. This bra’s black lace let me say to myself that, even though my boobs were now a thing that made food for my baby, they were still mine."


- Sarah Z. Wexler, of New York Magazine

"I love that The Dairy Fairy has come out with bras that are actually sexy and feminine… for me, this is part of my self-care: looking good. I want to be able to practice what I preach to these moms that I work with day-in and day-out. For me, good self-care means I have more time, I get more time from functional pieces of clothing, functional pieces of clothing include nursing bras that I love."


- Deema Soufan, of bumblebaby