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Support for All Things Baby, from our friends at BumbleBaby

5th Apr 2020

Support for All Things Baby, from our friends at BumbleBaby

A One Stop Resource for all Things MOM + BABY

While we consider ourselves experts at all things bras and tools for pumping, we prefer to defer to licensed experts in maternity, baby health, breastfeeding and sleep support.  When we discovered Kate, we realized we hit the lottery of expertise and wanted to share this super skilled, incredibly supportive and entirely empathetic mom of 3 - who just happens to have all the answers!


Hi! I’m Kate, the founder of bumblebaby! I am a mama, NICU RN, certified sleep and breastfeeding consultant, and a “parent coach” dedicated to providing you with a realistic + non-judgemental guide to parenthood. Babies are complicated little beings. many times, we need to take a good look at the big picture + decode what baby is really trying to tell us. using NICU RN experience and expertise in feeding + sleep, bumblebaby will guide you in learning how to read your baby the best way you can.

Being a NICU RN, it became apparent to me quickly how unprepared parents can feel about taking care of their baby. I would receive questions through text messages from family and friends - “Is this poop normal?” or “What is this on my nipple?” (including a close up picture, haha!) and a lightbulb went off in my head - parents need more support at their fingertips!

Bumblebaby started with “consults” with family and friends and grew into something so much more than I ever could have imagined! We are now a group of parents 30k strong - all helping each other through the road of parenthood.

I offer virtual videochat and text consultations for anything you have questions about - issues with feeding, starting solids, sleep advice, toddler advice, and so much more. Even deeper in depth, bumblebaby provides personalized sleep consultations, breastfeeding and formula feeding consultations, as well as in-home CPR classes. I recently expanded my team of consultants, bringing all different relatable experiences to parents.

I’ve compiled tons of great information from postpartum depression, to transitioning to a toddler bed, to formula feeding/supplementing, to using a nipple shield and more on my blog!

I hope you join our community on Instagram! Check out my website for booking services and more.


Kate + the bumblebaby team