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Sister Sister

26th Jul 2016

Sister Sister

"Boy oh boy, its really hard to find a perfectly fitting bra", said every woman.

Part of the reason for the bra size enigma is that bra sizing is not standardized.  Each brand has their own technical specs and measuring techniques for determining the correct size.  Moreover, two women who have the same measurements, may prefer different sizes, depending on the type of coverage they prefer or the placement of their breasts.

Understanding how sister sizing works, can help.  Sister size refers to bras that all share the same cup volume but have different band lengths.  For example, a 34E and 32F are sister sizes because when you go one band size down from a 34 to a 32, you have to balance the size by going up one cup from an E to an F cup to keep the cup volume the same.  You can see how the grade works in this photo.

From top to bottom, these bras have the same cup volume: 38E, 36F, 34FF, 32G, 30GG, 28H but of course the fit would be incredibly different.  This is because the breast volume is placed in different areas.

I know I'm a 34D!  Well, don't be so sure.  Next time, try a sister size (like 32DD) – you might be surprised!

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