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Don't let summer travel scare you

13th Jun 2019

Don't let summer travel scare you

The Dairy Fairy

10 Travel Tips that will make your summer travel feel like an ACTUAL vacation.

Photo: Paul Hanaoka

Hey Lovely!

Traveling with a baby? Que horror music. Okay, it’s not THAT bad. Nor is it as easy as traveling alone, obviously. It certainly doesn’t have to be the narrative of a horror story though. Here are some of our Top Tips for travel from our Fairy Tribe of mamas and Yours Truly.

  1. Wear them. Feed them plenty. Pack light. Go in with determination. - Jessie C.
  2. Bring diaper changing go bags - in a gallon size Ziploc put in a change for baby, a diaper and put more wipes that you'll need in a sandwich size Ziploc. That way you don't have to bring the whole diaper bag. Full change of clothes for you. While baby is sitting / laying on your lap, keep a blanket between you and them - if there is a blowout, the blanket may save your pants. - Margaret T.
  3. If flying, nurse at takeoff and landing to help pop those ears. - Caitlin M.
  4. Amara baby food for meals (packs well + don’t have to make it myself). Easy fold up strollers or one with a lot of space to fit your bags while you’re traveling! - Jessica S.
  5. Healthy snacksfor you too. Not in the mood to make anything, try some quick go to bars and cookies from Oat Mama.
  6. Nursing bra/sleep bra. Wear something comfortable during the flight, especially the long haul flights. If you are exclusively pumping them make sure you have a comfortable all-in-one nursing and pumping bra like our Ingenious Intimates, we recommend, The Arden, Pippa, Rose or our new Ruby.
  7. Start packing the week or so before you leave. Get a suitcase ready in your room in the corner or start a pile out of the way. When something pops into your mind, pack it then before you forget. These items tend to find legs or are easily forgotten. Bug spray, sun hat, sunscreen, antihistamine cream.
  8. The anticipation and excitement of the future trip is all part of the fun too, Include the little guys in the fun, delegate to them with a task, like finding where on the map you are going or what type of transport you’ll be using on the trip.
  9. Rent an apartment instead of a hotel. Hotels sound marvelous but when it’s baby’s nap time you will be sentenced to overpriced room service or snacking on the mini bar pretzels and chocolates.
  10. Try packing cubes which make organizing clothes (and getting in and out of the suitcase) for the whole family a whole lot easier.

We hope that these tried and tested pro tips will come in handy while our bras keep you hands-free.

Safe travels!


The Dairy Fairy