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Do your breasts insist on acting like teenagers?

16th Sep 2015

Do your breasts insist on acting like teenagers?

A recent review by our friends at Montgomery County Moms compared her breasts to “high school senior the week before graduation”.

And it really got me thinking. One of the toughest things about being a pumping mom is that you essentially give up control over your “teenage twins”.  That’s right, they can get temperamental.  At times causing chaos with unexpected leaks, engorgement and strong let-down.

They can perk up on a dime, especially at the sight of your little love, and they can nourish and love beyond anything or anyone else.

But ultimately, they really can act like little brats.  So, give them something cool to wear (like an Arden bra) so they can be happy, and you can be just a little bit more in control.

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