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Comparison of the Ayla and the Pippa styles

10th Mar 2020

Comparison of the Ayla and the Pippa styles

A comparison of our Ayla and Pippa bras by Kristin from @bemybreastfriend

I spent the entire length of my breastfeeding journey wearing pumping attachments and unattractive nursing bras. It wasn’t until October ‘19, one month before I would unexpectedly wean due to pregnancy that I received my first Dairy Fairy nursing and hands-free pumping bra. I immediately fell in love with the way it fit and the appearance. Even following the end of my breastfeeding journey I continued to wear my Ayla bra. In January I received my second Dairy Fairy Nursing and Hands-Free Pumping Bra, the Pippa in Sage! I was excited to wear this bra because I knew it differed in detail when compared to the Ayla. As expected the Pippa did not disappoint! ⠀⁠
Here I will offer my opinion and compare the Ayla & Pippa Nursing and Hands-Free Pumping Bras. ⠀⁠
Both the Ayla and Pippa can be used in two ways. The breast cup fabric can be unlatched to expose your entire breast for baby to comfortably nurse. Rather than having multiple layers built into the cup fabric this one piece of material is also slotted to hold the pump flange securely to your breast. I have found that the Ayla’s flanges slot is slightly longer in length than the Pippa. This slight difference does not appear to be of any concern, since the fabric is elastic.⠀⁠
Both the Ayla and Pippa have a hook and eye closure and adjustable shoulder straps. ⠀⁠

The main difference I have found between the two bras is the most obvious- the extra lace feature that lines the bottom of the Ayla bra. Since this is simply an added detail to the bra it does not necessarily add or take away from the bra itself. It is an attractive touch and it allows me feel like I am wearing sexy under garments again! ⠀

There are two features that you’re not able to see from the naked eye that set the bras apart. First, the underwire. The Ayla DOES have an underwire. As I stated in my original Ayla review I do not care for underwires, however, I did not notice this underwire to add any discomfort to this bra. The Pippa does NOT have an underwire, rather an elastic ribbon band lining the bottom of the bra. I do find this bra to be slightly more comfortable but I do not credit the lack of underwire to this feeling, I just like the way the Pippa hugs my body. ⠀

Another feature that you may not be able to see just viewing the bras is the amount or lack of padding built into the breast cups. The Ayla is not padded, the cup fabric is several layers thick but does not provide any extra padding. The Pippa is lightly padded, this padding provides comfort but certainly won’t enhance your chest size. ⠀

A difference that is more obvious but may not stand out as much until you see the bras compared side by side is coverage. The Pippa is a more fuller coverage bra, this I my opinion provides me with more support. The Ayla has more of a V cut design that allows for sexy cleavage. Both are attractive in their own ways. ⠀

My measurements

Weight: 150#⠀
Cup: 40”⠀
Band: 36”⠀
Dairy Fairy size: 4⠀