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Choosing the right bra - 5 tips to get you started

12th Mar 2019

Choosing the right bra - 5 tips to get you started

The Dairy Fairy

Choosing the right bra for you.

5 tips to get you started.

What size nursing bra should I buy? | Nursing bra size guide | The Dairy Fairy.

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1.Who are you?

Okay, so who are you right now as you are reading this? Are you the lounging kind of mama (which is most of us in the beginning, so don’t worry!) The fitness buff, or the fashionista? How about all three?  Now you’re talking!  Then our bras have got you covered.

Lounger - Try the Rose, she has no underwire, she is soft, comfy, can pump and nurse too!

Fitness buff - The Arden, she is super supportive, wire-free and fits like a sports bra. Plus she has a lot of adjustablity in the front and back.

The Fashionista - Oh Ayla, with all her frills - we do love her. She will make sure the girls are beautifully held in place, while still offering feminine support.

2. To wire or not to wire, that is the question.

No seriously, it is. Do you like having the support of a structured bra with underwire or not?

That is one of the biggest reasons for the return of a bra, throwing it out or storing it in the deep dark depths of your undies draw (I'’ll save this for another time when… wear it).  We are SO guilty of this, but it’s okay.  

In fact, it is quite simple.  Do you like underwire or not? If you have never bought an underwire bra or have always felt uncomfortable in one, don’t go out and buy a underwire nursing bra because you’ve been sold on “it’s more supportive”.  

Support can come in many ways.  From the materials to the construction.  Rigidity of underwire isn't necessary if other components of the bra offer structure.  Our Rose,  Arden and Pippa are great options and FYI, these are hands-free nursing AND pumping bras.

3. Get fitted!

The tata’s change during your pregnancy.  From delivering to when your milk comes in, and once breastfeeding has been established for some time (this can take weeks to a few months).  

What you want is a bra that can be adjusted. Four to six hooks are ideal in the band (one can buy extenders too) to accommodate the expansion and shrinkage of your ribcage, which can shift quite a bit to allow movement for all the unimportant bits inside and make room for the ULTRA important cute little babe. 

We have a no brainer sizing conversion guide for you HERE.  Because we all know that sleep deprived mamas shouldn't have to do complex math.

4. Get a sleep bra

Soon after birth, your breasts grow literally overnight and may become engorged. This can be mighty uncomfortable especially when you are NOT wearing a comfortable bra.  Sleep bras typically have little to no hardware to ensure there are no hard bits pressing into your skin while you get your beauty sleep.

And just when you start to enjoy your little sprite sleeping through the night, you discover that your milk makers don't stop working while baby is asleep and  this can create a supply issue (just when you start to catch some ZZZZ's).  

Engorgement and leaks definitely don't make for a restful night.  This is why you want a bra that is very stretchy and supple and will accommodate the expansion of your breasts. Check out Coco or Emma for the softest and comfiest options.

Even better, discover the benefits of nighttime pumping.  It's ok, you don't even need to have your eyes open if you have a great nighttime pumping bra, like our Rose style, which is soft, uber-comfortable and works for nursing and hands-free pumping.

5. Invest in nursing bras but not all at once.

It’s important to have more than one bra on hand. With baby burp, milk that soaks right through, you'll want one to wear and one to wash.  But, don’t buy them all at once. Take your time, break them in. Look for options that go the extra mile, and provide extra functionality like nursing and pumping and can carry you from maternity through postpartum

This will give you the most bang for your buck. Mamas are spectacular at multi tasking and your bra should do the same for you.

We hope that these 5 tips have helped you out.

And remember, The Dairy Fairy team is always here to support you and to answer any of your questions.