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15th May 2019



10 gifts that will make a new Mama love you forever!

Photo cred: Givi Woodley

Hey Lovely!

Struggling to figure out what to get for a new mama? Fear not! Our tribe of Fairy mama’s have sent forth their mama-tested suggestions:

  1. Scented candles. Try grapefruit to uplift the mood or a lavender scented candle to calm the space.
  2. Lactation tea. This, is a must.   Oat Mama is our “go to” tea!  Not only are they tasty, they are also SO good for a mom who is breastfeeding, pumping, just given birth or pregnant. They have an amazing selection of teas and other yummy products.
  3. A treat basket.  Fill a cute basket with a stash of goodies. Think quick snacks mom can munch on.  Need some ideas? Take a peek at our recipes for healthy snacks to get you started.
  4. Nursing bra/sleep bra. If you are reading this you have come to the right place! Did we mention we make the most gorgeous Ingenious Intimates?  The ultimate gift to make life a little easier when baby arrives. Our two in one handsfree nursing and pumping bras are comfortable, functional and, dare we say, sexy!
  5. Hire a postpartum doula - yup, this is a thing and a GREAT thing! A postpartum doula can help with so many issues that a mom (and dad) will go through. They will provide support, guidance and plenty of love.
  6. Organic Postpartum Bath Soak - Every man, women and child could enjoy this! Our Fairy soak recipe here.
  7. Breast pads - let us be kind to Mama Earth and help your new mama build a stash of reusable bamboo or cotton breast pads.
  8. Babysit the little bundle. Offer Mama a couple of hours off duty.  Send her out to get some fresh air and a coffee. This will recharge her energy and make the reunion that much sweeter.
  9. Send Uber Eats to her door with her favorite meal. Who WOULDN’T want their favorite meal hand delivered to them?

To giving new Moms the attention they deserve!