Choosing the right bra - 5 tips to get you started

12th Mar 2019

The Dairy Fairy Choosing the right bra for you. 5 tips to get you started. @sheplusfive photo cred1.Who are you? Okay, so who are you right now as you are reading this? Are you the lounging kind of mama (which is most of us in the beginning, so don’t worry!) The fitness buff, or the fashionista? How about all three?  Now you’re talking!  Then our bras have got you covered. Lounger - Try the Rose, she has no underwire, she is soft, comfy, can pump and nurse too! Fitness b
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Guide to pumping as a surrogate

26th Nov 2018

TIPS FROM AN EXPERIENCED SURROGATE MAMABy Shoshannah Ingersoll When the surrogacy journey starts, pumping as a surrogate is usually the last thing on any surrogate’s mind. But as the big day of the delivery draws near many questions start to pop up regarding the postpartum period and among those questions is the decision whether or not to pump to provide breast milk. Some intended parents are more passionate about feeding their baby’s breast milk than others, and many want to feed breast milk
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Oh, what an honor!

11th Jan 2018

We are so thrilled to be nominated for Nursing Mama's Favorite Bras category in the Cribsie Awards.This is one of the baby industries foremost resource and the companies featured include the best of the best in all baby products, including strollers, carriers and other baby essentials.Nominations and voting is up to mamas and we would love to have all of our Fairy Fans continue to support our little company by taking a moment to vote.Simply click here!Registration is quick an easy (less the
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Best all in one bra for Nursing and Handsfree Pumping review

3rd Oct 2017

Great review of our Arden All in one Nursing and Handsfree Pumping bra by our friends over at WireCutter magazine.Flattered to be the number ONE recommended all in one bra.To read the full review click below

Best Bras for Pumping Moms

8th Aug 2017

Thanks to our friends at Well Rounded for including us in their roundup of best Pumping Bras for Moms.We didn't miss the fact that our Ayla bra is the ONLY all in one for nursing AND handsfree pumping on the list!Wooohooo! 08.04.17Best Bras for Pumping MomsThe best bra picks for pumping moms.When it comes to breastfeeding and pumping, function and comfort supersede fashion when it comes to prioritizing. That said, checking all three boxes would be a home-run for new mama’s so we don’t completel
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