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Incredible breastmilk facts

7th Nov 2019

THAT LIQUID GOLD IS PRICELESS!Breastfeeding is amazing in so many ways. From the intense bond it can help you form with your baby in the first hours after birth, to the benefits it has on your baby’s health even into adulthood, there’s a reason breast milk is called “liquid gold.”So whether you’re on the fence about breastfeeding, need to remember why you started in the first place, or just want to feel good about your decision, we wanted to share 14 fascinating facts about breastfeeding and bre
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Don't let summer travel scare you

13th Jun 2019

The Dairy Fairy10 Travel Tips that will make your summer travel feel like an ACTUAL vacation.Photo: Paul HanaokaHey Lovely!Traveling with a baby? Que horror music. Okay, it’s not THAT bad. Nor is it as easy as traveling alone, obviously. It certainly doesn’t have to be the narrative of a horror story though. Here are some of our Top Tips for travel from our Fairy Tribe of mamas and Yours Truly. Wear them. Feed them plenty. Pack light. Go in with determination. - Jessie C.Bring diaper cha
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15th May 2019

THE DAIRY FAIRY10 gifts that will make a new Mama love you forever!Photo cred: Givi WoodleyHey Lovely!Struggling to figure out what to get for a new mama? Fear not! Our tribe of Fairy mama’s have sent forth their mama-tested suggestions: Scented candles. Try grapefruit to uplift the mood or a lavender scented candle to calm the space.Lactation tea. This, is a must.   Oat Mama is our “go to” tea!  Not only are they tasty, they are also SO good for a mom who is breastfeeding, pum
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Homemade Postpartum Bath Soak, Immerse Yourself

22nd Apr 2019

The Dairy FairyHomemade Postpartum Bath Soak = Immerse yourself Hey there Mama, Mama’s best friend or partner in crime.Having a baby is the most incredible, magical and life changing experience you can think of. But, it can be tough, tiring and stressful. We often forget about ourselves. We like to call it “lack of vitamin ME.”It’s super important to carve out some time in the day for you!Our Fairies have created a bath soak recipe that will work wonders and leave you feeling calm and
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Quick snacks to make milk for DAYS! - Healthy breastfeeding snacks from The Dairy Fairy

20th Mar 2019

The Dairy FairyMunch & sip on these faves from The Dairy Fairy’s magical recipe bookHey Lovely!Stressing about milk supply? Don’t. Milk production can take time and each and everyone of us is different. So be patient with yourself and get your nutritious and delicious snacks and breaks.While your milk-making factory is gearing into full throttle, try out these safe and tasty ways to coax in that milk. These recipes will have your baby banging their bottle (or your boobies) for more milkshake
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