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 "Isn't this absolutely BRILLIANT for breastfeeding moms?  Adjustable breastfeeding bra, hands-free pumping bra?  And it's pretty too."   - Jessica Martin-Weber, The Leaky Boob

Here's Jessica introducing the Rose hands-free pumping bra, paired with the Naked Nursing Tank.



 "I wear the Arden which allows me to nurse, handsfree pump or do BOTH at the same time, all while answering mountain of emails!  Its chick, stylish and comfortable to wear all day."   - Jennifer Grayson Buske, The Baby Guy NYC

"I have become competely alianated by bras since becoming a mother. I am over trying to stuff my boobs into odd shaped straight jackets that are painful, poor quality and inconvenient for nursing or pumping.  The Dairy Fairy has provided me the freedom to be comfortable and sexy.  The bras are functional and stylish.  They are all I choose to wear now."    - Abby Theuring, The Badass Breastfeeder



 "Adjusting to your post-baby body can be tough.  And those bizarre looking hands-free pumping bras and frumpy nursing tanks don't help a new mom regain her mojo.  Fret not.  The Dairy Fairy can come to your rescue.. This line of beautiful bras and tanks for breast-feeding moms simplifies and prettifies the nursing and pumping process.  Their all-in-one hands-free pumping and nursing bra lets you nurse, pump or even simultaneously do both.  It adjusts to your constantly fluctuating breast size and looks awesome. (See, we told you it was magical!) so no more wardrobe changes throughout the day or feeling blah in your bra.  Moms have an uncanny knack for being able to do it all.  How about a bra that can, too?"


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