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I've been battling the *Bad Bra since the dawn of undergarments and it has yet to bring me down. I'm banishing discomfort for good, which means uplifting your confidence, your style game, and your standards for what pleasant pumping and nursing experiences can really be. It might not always be instant latches and fairy dust, but I'm here to soothe your worries and support your boobies, anywhere you take'em.

Bottles and Boobies Up!
~*The Dairy Fairy*~

*Bad Bra [bad brah]

An unattractive, often utilitarian, undergarment commonly found with droopy cups, slipping straps or a pinching band that fails to support a mama's tatas in all her nursing and pumping needs.
See also: Blah Beige Bra, Medeival Milking Cage

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Our Story

Once upon a time a little princess was born to a loving mother. The mother wanted to give her daughter breast milk to grow big and strong. Then, one day, the mother had to go back to a place far, far away called ‘the office’. There, she had to strap herself into a medieval looking contraption so she could pump breast milk while she was working.

The mother thought there must be a better way to meet all the needs of feeding and hands-free pumping that could also make her feel attractive. She thought and sketched and sewed and, at last, an elegant all-in-one milk-to-baby solution was born! And all the mamas pumped and nursed happily ever after.

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