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Gird List
  • Bringing Sexy Back (Arden Bra & Aria Panty)
    $82.00 $75.00

    We are bring SEXY BACK!   Arden & Aria – Our bestselling all-in-one nursing and pumping bra with matching panty $75 ($82 when sold separately) Highlighted Combo Features Arden Bra allows for Nursing,...

  • Lace it up Bundle
    $68.00 $62.00

    LACE IT UP – Our sexiest set for pumping and nursing mamas.   Ayla bra in your choice of Black or Cream Nursing Handsfree pumping Simultaneous nursing and pumping Breast panels with one handed nursing...

  • M3 - Make More Milk bundle
    $145.00 $132.00

    The 3 essentials for Mama to Make More Milk   1) The Arden All in One Nursing and Handsfree pumping, for nursing and pumping conveniently and beautifully -- on the go. 2) Euphoric Herbals Dairy Fairy compound herbal...

  • Perfect Pair Bundle
    $108.00 $98.00

    Arden & Naked Tank – Our original all-in-one nursing and pumping bra with our nursing tank. Designed for discretion, ease and functionality. $98 ($108 when sold seperately)   Highlighted Combo...

  • Pumping mama rescue kit
    $92.00 $82.00

    MORE MILK, LESS PAIN   Bundle includes Ayla bra; Our revolutionary all-in-one handsfree pumping and nursing bra. Beau Gen Nipple Cushions; 1 set, lasts 60 plus days, for more comfort while pumping Zoe Organics...

  • Twice as Nice (2 Ayla bras)
    $108.00 $100.00

    *NOT AVAILABLE IN SIZE PP *SOLD OUT IN BLACK SIZE 2 Twice as nice. So much more to love, with our two Ayla bundle.     You made the first miracle. We made it easier.  Nursing &...

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