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Cheer-A-Mom Holiday Giveaway

Cheers to you mom!

Tireless, unselfish, always ready to please.

After caring for our babies and partners, we sometimes forget to pamper ourselves too. So, this holiday season, we're offering the chance to win this breastfeeding super bundle in hopes of brightening your holidays a bit! Sanity-savers, beauty enhancers and milk makers, this list includes all the must-haves for any breastfeeding mama. And one lucky lady will walk away our winner!


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From Sarah Wells Breastpump Bags

Color-blocked Abby Breast Pump bag - $180 MSRP

Use Cheeramom15 for 15% off at Sarahwellsbags.com

From Sun Baked Baby Boutique

Graphic T Shit - $25 MSRP


Tangerine Dream and Bye Bye Teething, Hello Sleep - $36 MSRP

Save 15% with code cheeramom at taylorsnatural.com

From Lillemer

Lil'buds Breast Comfort Packs - $25 MSRP

Save 15% on Lil'buds at lillemer.com with code cheeramom15

From Mamachic

"Do-It All" Mamachic Scarf - $49 MSRP

A versatile bamboo scarf that's a nursing cover, burp cloth, swaddle, carseat cover, and accessory worn 20+ ways without baby!

From Mom Is Drawing

A custom drawing for 2 - $33 MSRP

From Snugabell

PumpEase Hands-free Pumping Bra and Wet Bag Combo- $58 MSRP

PumpEase holds your breast pump flanges securely in place so you can read, text, eat, email, care for your child, or just relax while you pump your breastmilk…hands-free! You don’t need to fuss with awkward straps or adjustments; PumpEase is easy to use and looks great for moms who aren’t willing to forgo fashion for function.

Sized to transport all brands of pump accessories incognito, our eco-friendly wet bag looks so cute decked out in matching PumpEase prints that no one will ever guess what's inside.

From Mommy Moosli

3 pack granola - $36 MSRP

Mommy Moosli is an incredibly healthy, all-organic muesli cereal specially formulated for breastfeeding moms to help increase milk production, but enjoyed by everyone! Eat it cold like cereal, hot like oatmeal, over yogurt like granola -- it even works great to bake with! Milk-boosting nutrition & tasty flavors -- a win-win for everyone!

Use Cheeramom15 for 15% off at mommymoosli.com

From Mommemeals  

6 Go Chews TO-GO Packs

The perfect energy snack for any nursing mamma on the "go". Made with the finest organic whole food ingredients and completely allergen friendly, Go Chews are the perfect one-handed bite-sized solution to tackling anything mom-life throws your way. Our delicious flavors include: Turkish Apricot, Fig Ginger Sesame, & Tart Cherry Chocolate. 

YUM!  Save 15% off at mommemeals.com with code Cheeramom.

From Naked Nursing Tank

Luxury Bamboo Naked Nursing Tank $40 MSRP

Make any bra into a custom nursing tank with this open chested tank top. Keeps your tummy covered when breastfeeding and is a perfect layering piece for any top. 

Use code Cheeramom for 15% off at Nakedtank.com

From Oat Mama

$50 store credit at Oatmama.com

From The Dairy Fairy 

Ayla all in one nursing and handsfree pumping bra - $54 MSRP

Save 15% on any bra or tank at shop.thedairyfairy.com, with code cheeramom15

From NursElet

NursElet® Bracelet - 2 pack The Essential Bracelet for Nursing Mom  - $30 MSRP

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