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Dress to Express

The latest feather in our nursing cap; being highlighted in Pregnancy & Newborn's Registry Guide.

With my pregnancy, this was the holy grail for the most useful items - true mama must-haves, so its just a thrill to be included, and be the only PUMPING BRA featured!  

Hooray for us!  Check it out at pnmag.com.

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Cheer-A-Mom Holiday Giveaway

Cheers to you mom! Tireless, unselfish, always ready to please.After caring for our babies and partners, we sometimes forget to pamper ourselves too. So, this holiday season, we're offering the chance to win this breastfeeding super bundle in hopes of brightening your holidays a bit! Sanity-savers, beauty enhancers and milk makers, this list includes all the [...]

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Amazing deals from brands you love, for CYBER MONDAY!

USE THE UNIVERSAL CODE FOR ANY BRAND:  CYBERMAMAOffer good till 11/59pst on 11/28OAT MAMAOat Mama handcrafts knock-your-bra-off delicious lactation granola bars to fuel and empower breastfeeding mamas. 20% OFF SHOP NOWMITERAMitera is a fashion brand that creates timeless, versatile, functional and practical clothing to carry modern women throughout their unique motherhood and personal journeys from [...]

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WBW Giveaway-a-day, celebrate with us

Giveaway-a-day World Breastfeeding Week, August 1 - 7 This year’s World Breastfeeding Week focuses on how mothers, by breastfeeding, can play a part in achieving the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are a blueprint for global commitment and action towards equitable development that governments around the world have agreed to accomplish by 2030. The annual [...]

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Pre-Baby Arrival Fitness: Your Go-To Third Trimester Workout

Can you still workout in your third trimester? Of course you can! Unless you’re on bed rest or otherwise cautioned by your doctor, getting daily movement in prior to baby’s arrival is a great way to pass the time and prep the body.I’ve found, in my third trimester, that on days when I can get a workout in, I [...]

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Sister Sister

"Boy oh boy, its really hard to find a perfectly fitting bra", said every woman.Part of the reason for the bra size enigma is that bra sizing is not standardized.  Each brand has their own technical specs and measuring techniques for determining the correct size.  Moreover, two women who have the same measurements, may prefer [...]

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Mother's Day, what a mom really wants

Flowers are nice, but what a mom really wants (and needs) are the things that will make her life easier day after day. We've got you covered with the Mother of all Mother's Day giveaways. Featuring the best in nursing and comfort wear, pump and fashionable pumping accessories and milk promoting aids, featuring Mama Strut, Sarah Wells [...]

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Do your breasts insist on acting like teenagers?

A recent review by our friends at Montgomery County Moms compared her breasts to “high school senior the week before graduation”.And it really got me thinking. One of the toughest things about being a pumping mom is that you essentially give up control over your “teenage twins”.  That’s right, they can get temperamental.  At times [...]

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